Cross-agency collaboration from the ground up

“Doing research for an article which I’ll be writing on grass-roots/bottom-up initiatives to support cross-agency collaboration in Govt. E.g. @OneTeamGov. What other initiatives exist out there that I should know about?”

Cross-agency collaboration

The value of networks


Digital platforms

Pushing the boundaries

From humble beginnings

“One thing I’ve been reflecting on is that it’s not so much about ‘breaking’ silos or overcoming boundaries — that rhetoric feels quite combative. It feels more natural to say we’ve ignored those things and just sort of done stuff and tried hard to look under rocks for people.”

Why do people get involved?

“Because it adds to my purpose. It enables me to feel like I’m doing something useful, valuable, when it can (sometimes) feel difficult to see what impact you’re making. Also, it makes me better at my day job because I get to hear views outside of my own bubble which sparks ideas.”

Photo by Toufic Mobarak on Unsplash



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